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The broadly-defined advertising law is one of the areas of our team’s expertise. We have rich and comprehensive experience in offering legal advice for the purposes of all types of marketing and public relations activities.

Jacek Stefaniuk - Marketing

For a dozen or so years now we have successfully protected throughout Poland one of the most recognisable trademarks in the world and the intellectual property rights associated with it. We have co-authored the principles governing advertising and promotional campaigns, as well as providing comprehensive supervision over their execution at all the stages. We have experience in dealing with legal problems relating to the use of various advertising media: TV, radio, press, outdoor, and the Internet. We provide effective oversight to safeguard compliance of the marketing and PR activities with the law, including without limitation to ensure that the principles of fair competition are upheld, consumer interests protected, and the rules of advertising to children followed. We are in possession of a professional certificate issued by the Minister of Finance, which entitles us to exercise comprehensive supervision over promotional lotteries.
• we opine on the underlying assumptions for marketing campaigns, public relations and other marketing activities
• we negotiate and draw up agreements with advertising agencies, media houses, PR agencies, and their subcontractors, including without limitation authors of audiovisual works,
• we develop the regulations of lotteries, competitions, loyalty programmes, and other non-standard marketing activities
• we draw up copyright transfer agreements, licence agreements, as well as agreements for use of image and/or voice
• we take part in organising and overseeing promotional lotteries, including in procurement of the permission to organise a promotional lottery
• we advise on protection of personal data and privacy


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