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We develop solutions tailored to your needs.

We specialise in providing legal services to franchises. In the area of franchise, we have developed model legal solutions with respect to both the franchise agreement itself and procedures regulating performance of the franchise agreement.

Jacek Stefaniuk - Franchise

We have developed a safe franchise pricing policy that complies with the applicable regulations in force, formulated processes for monitoring agreement performance and establishment and enforcement of the marketing policy. We have prepared and implemented arrangements enabling franchisors to pass their businesses on to the next generation or sell them to third parties, that successfully tackle succession issues. Thanks to our collaboration with the managers and franchisors, the largest franchise in Poland operates and expands without problems.
• we identify and assess the legal risk of operating the franchise
• we develop and upgrade the franchise establishment and operation concept
• we draw up the franchise agreement
• we prepare franchise regulations and procedures
• we take part in dispute resolution


ul. Marynarska 15
02-674 Warszawa

tel.+48 22 487 51 87
fax +48 22 211 58 10

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