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Administrative Law

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We live in a world where the realm of business freedom has been significantly restricted. Business people, regardless of the industry they are in, face almost on a daily basis the necessity to obtain consents, permits, licences, etc., while their operations are constantly under the watchful eye of various inspection agencies, including tax, sanitation, construction, or trading standards, to name just a few.

Jacek Stefaniuk - Administrative Law and Proceedings

Consequently, efficiently conducted proceedings before administrative authorities and administrative courts become a prerequisite for the effective operation of a business. Keeping in mind the complexity of administrative regulations and given our rich experience acquired in the course of numerous proceedings, we are able to assess and point out to the Client, and subsequently, in the event of a dispute with the authority, to demonstrate before the administrative court the defectiveness of a number of administrative decisions and have them modified, reversed, or held invalid.
We can assist in:
• appeals against local master plans and outline planning permissions
• subdivision and integration of real estate
• real estate expropriation proceedings and assessment of damages
• construction permits and construction work notifications
• audits and appeals against decisions of the sanitary and epidemiological service, state labour inspectorate, and trading standards inspectorate
• personal data protection proceedings
• concession and licensing proceedings
• decisions of regulatory authorities with regard to protection of competition and consumers


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