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Edyta Boguszewska - Legal advisor

tel. +48 606 371 528


Edyta Boguszewska

Legal advisor

Legal advisor, graduate of R. Łazarski School of Commerce and Law in Warsaw, successfully completed the British Law Programme at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw, and the Course of Study in Russian Law organised by R. Łazarski School of Commerce and Law in Warsaw and the Academic Legal University in Moscow.

Her practice areas include above all labour law, civil law, and in particular conveyancing and commercial law, with special emphasis upon commercial companies. She specialises in issues relating to the land within the Warsaw city limits expropriated just after the Second World by the communist government (grunty warszawskie).
She speaks English and Russian.


ul. Marynarska 15
02-674 Warszawa

tel.+48 22 487 51 87
fax +48 22 211 58 10

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